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These Are Important Business Financial Plan Components

If you have a clear business financial plan, you can avoid losses and anticipate the risks that might occur. In addition, the financial plan is also the focus of investors who may glance at your business. Having a detailed financial plan can help you get additional capital to develop your business. You can also hire […]

The Difference Between Revenue And Profit

Revenue is income earned by a business entity through daily operations, i.e. from serving customers to sell them some goods. On the other hand, Profit refers to the company’s financial profit ie when the amount obtained from the sale of goods exceeds the amount spent on buying or producing goods; the results will be profitable. […]

Advantages of Using an Accounting Application

Current technological developments have penetrated almost all activities in the business world. Businesses are demanded to be able to access information, including regarding their business financial data, quickly to face intense competition with competitors. One factor that should not be left behind is the accuracy in working on financial statements, which can be maximized by […]