Southern Cameroons General Prevent Wasteful Finances With Cashless Trends Amid The Covid-19 Pandemic

Prevent Wasteful Finances With Cashless Trends Amid The Covid-19 Pandemic

It is undeniable, amid the Covid-19 virus pandemic and the establishment of social distancing policies, more and more e-money or e-wallet users. Yes, the trend of cashless or using digital payment instruments is considered the safest. Many of us think that the Covid-19 virus can stick to the surface of cash and can infect us. Yep, this might happen, therefore cashless is the safest choice. To make your shopping more comfortable and your wallet safe, let’s see the following tips at!

  1. Make a financial plan

By having a financial plan, you can understand your financial needs in more detail every month. This also really helps you to manage your finances so that it becomes easier. With a careful financial plan, you can set a priority scale so you don’t waste it.

  1. Avoid using online loans

Apart from using e-wallets and e-money, online loans are now also a form of other cashless payment methods that you can use. Indeed, this can make it easier for you when you want to shop. However, that doesn’t mean you can use these facilities at will. You should only use online loans for urgent or urgent needs.

  1. Pay attention before buying

Amid a Covid-19 pandemic like this, you need to be wiser in responding to this promo attack. First, pay attention to whether you need the items purchased or not? Even though cashless payments make it very easy to shop, yes, don’t let your priorities shift. We don’t know how long the pandemic will last, right.

  1. Take advantage of cashback and promotions wisely

Apart from promos in the form of discounts, cashless payments also offer other forms of promos such as cashback. Even though it seems profitable, cashback also hurts cashless payment users, you know. This matter can still be addressed wisely. The main principle is, the important thing is that you can take advantage of these promos and cashback to buy things that you need.

  1. Save the remaining funds

By having the ability to manage finances well, the chances of you having remaining funds at the end of the month are certainly quite high. Therefore, you can allocate the remaining e-money or e-wallet balance for your savings or investment needs.

This is a wise choice rather than allocating the remaining money to buy things that are not important amid a pandemic like this. Of course, you can use these savings when an urgent need strikes. That way, your chances of using online loans are also getting smaller.

Those are some financial tips for you not to be wasteful with cashless payments in the middle of this pandemic. This type of payment is indeed the most effective one for us to use during the period of physical distancing and social distancing due to the Covid-19 virus.

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