In the Southern Cameroons there are three major religions. Most of the residents of the area practice the traditional religion which is indigenous to the area. The other religions have been brought in by others; these religions include Christianity as well as Islamic.

The traditional religion of the land is very ritualistic and spiritual. When practicing the traditional religion the people of the Southern Cameroons believe that the gods have a hand in everything that they do. The gods control whether the crops of the season will be fruitful. When people are born and have the physical features of a god that is seen as good fortune for them and their families. The way that they name their children are also tied to the land through the traditional religion. It is said that a newborn has to be “tagged” to a country within the Southern Cameroons. The first name is traditionally given and then behind the first name much like the American middle name, the name of a country is attached. If the child refuses the country that his or her name carries they will go through severe discomforts throughout life until the name is made correct.

Christianity is also another big religion in the Southern Cameroons. Every village in the Southern Cameroons has a church in it. Christian religion stays much the same as anywhere else in the world; however, recently in the Southern Cameroons the people are trying to bring more of their own traditional religion practices and fusing them into the practices of the Christian church. Islam is also another religion that is widely practiced in the Southern Cameroons. There is not very much literature available to the people in the area as far as the religion is concerned but there is enough to allow them to be informed in its traditional rituals.

A diverse group of people means a diverse group of faiths. Some faiths may become intertwined yet keep their own churches and other traditional practices.