Southern Cameroons Country Guide

The area of the Southern Cameroons in Africa has a rich and fruitful history. The actual area that it is in is in the western portion of the African continent. The actual area dates back to the 16th century. The actual feeling of the area as its own entity did not come about until the early 20th century.

As far as the geographical location is concerned, this area lies east and south of Nigeria and west of the Federal Republic Republic of Cameroon. The Mungo River also lies within the eastern boundaries of the area. The other nearby body of water is the Atlantic Ocean which lies to the country's south. Because of the general location of the Southern Cameroons they have been under the watchful eye of the Nigerian nation.

Since there is such diversity in the region, the idea of religion is also just as diverse. The religion ranges from the traditional ritualistic religion to the Christian and Islamic faiths. The ritualistic traditions are very spiritual. They actually believe that there may be a higher being watching them throughout their daily lives. There are also certain festivities and events that are backed but the traditional religion.

Sports throughout the area have also come along way. While the solo sports have not developed much in the area, the group sporting events have come a very long way. Soccer as a team sport has evolved a great deal. There are now competitions among the states in the Southern Cameroons. One other worldwide known sporting events of the area is the Buea Mountain race in which people come from all over the world to run.

The education in the area is geared toward the future of the students in various aspects. The main focus is training for the future areas in which the student will work in. There are apprenticeships that are set forth in order to provide the proper training. The amount of time spent in the apprenticeships depends solely on the activity in which they are being trained in. Very few make it to the university level of education. When they do make it they are highly regarded.

The culture of the Southern Cameroons is rich in tradition. Although there have been various European influences that have come up in its history a majority of the people have tried to stay as true to their traditions as possible. The ritualistic traditions as well as the religions have changed over time but have found a way to come back into the everyday life. People of Southern Cameroons keep rituals and tradition as the one thing that remains unchanged in a truly developing world.